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A Guide To Your Home Theater Room Design

Custom Home Theater Room
Design and Engineering

To have the full cinematic experience, our engineers will work with your interior designer, builder, or architect to develop a room that is acoustically sound.

Room Isolation
Movies can get loud, and they should! Hearing a full range of sound is one of the main thrills of the movie-going experience. In order to keep the sound in your theater without disturbing the rest of your home you must first isolate your home theater. To put it simply, isolation is just building a room within a room (floor, walls and a ceiling) and incorporating kinetics noise control products into the structure to help absorb sound and stop noise bleed. When a room is properly isolated, even the loudest bass from movies won’t disturb the kids after they have gone to bed, even if their room is above the theater.

Room Acoustics
We use state of the art equipment to insure your home theater sounds great and that you hear the surround sound effects. We design your home theater with absorptive and reflective surfaces to control the sound, which allow all levels of audio to be heard. Quality sound truly is a process of measurement and strategic placement of all surface areas within a room. Choosing the proper speaker size for the room you are working with is also an important factor in room acoustics. We cover all areas of acoustic principles to ensure your theater brings your movies to life.

The Total Home Creations  Experience

You go to the theater for the ‘experience.’ 25-foot tall actors and a powerful sound system deliver emotions on a scale that draws you into the story.

Can you achieve this experience in the comfort of your home?You can, with an Totalhomecreations. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated media room or if you’d like surround sound in a Family Room, your options are limited only by your imagination.

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Total Home Creations has installed several creative solutions for issues from teleconferencing video solutions to white noise. The work quality has been excellent and the company displays a great deal of pride in providing reliable and professional service.
Robert Sebastian
Corporate Real Estate Manager, FirstBank

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